Personal Blood Panel

& Results Analysis

Your blood provides a detailed map of what may really be causing any pesky symptoms or issues with your health. Remove the guesswork! Nothing is more telling than learning how to read your own blood results. Includes:
  • Blood Draw at Local Provider
  • Written Report - Findings & What They Mean
  • Identification of Any Metabolic Dysfunctions
  • Webinar - How to Read What Your Blood is Telling You!
  • Solutions to Solve & Reverse Issues


  • Doing a personal blood panel means you want a deeper understanding of your health. We use what is known as, The Atlas Panel. NOTE: The Atlas panel is not available in NY, NJ and RI. 
  • You will be sent a short intake formto complete online.
  • Once completed, you will be sent a requisition form for the blood draw from the offices of Dr. Steven Geanopulos.
  • You will take the requisition form tothe nearest lab (Quest or Lab Corp only). Visit or to search for the nearest draw site to your location. There you will have your blood drawn. Your payment here will cover everything. There are no additional fees.
  • The offices of Dr. Steven Geanopulos (Dr. G) will receive your test results, where a customized report will be prepared andemailed directly to you. Turn around time for the blood results and analysis report is typically 6-8 days..
  •  You will then be provided a linkto schedule your "Group Report of Findings Webinar". There you'll beprovided with a detailed explanation of how to review and best understand your blood panel findings andrecommendations. 

(Valued at $1,475)

Only $399!