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Dr. Steven Geanopulos DC, DACNB (Dr. G)

Dr. G's work and expertise is sought after by doctors worldwide, making it an honor for anyone to have the opportunity to work with him. He is a speaker, writer, and leader in the world of functional medicine and functional neurology, and is quickly becoming one of America’s leading experts in lifelong, optimized living. Through his personally crafted rejuvenation system, he has proven that diminished health and vitality can be improved by just about any proactive person at any age, with nearly every illness. Speaking all around the world, he’s renowned for his upbeat and lively personality as he gives insightful and innovative lectures to a wide range of audiences, including both industry professionals, general public and patients.

Dr. G has healed thousands of people for over two decades worldwide leveraging chiropractic neurology and functional medicine. He works with patients suffering from gut, brain, and hormone-related conditions.

As the creator of Cyrene Labs, he is excited to be teamed up with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner, Tammy Murphy, to help bring R3 to the world. His passion for helping and educating people and providing the necessary tools for long term healthy living is undeniable. Dr. G now teaches anyone who wants to learn how to analyze their blood test results to identify the important markers for optimizing one's health. His work is often described as life-changing and extraordinary, empowering people to make their own decisions based on what they learn through real objective testing.

Dr. G lives in Montvale, NJ with his wife, Maria, and their 3 kids, George, Zoe, and Paige