Ketone & MCT Nutrient System
We always want to improve our formulations and as a company be nimble enough to adapt to advances in research, constructive feedback from clinical observations made by our doctors and most important patient experiences and feedback. 

Fast Fuel utilizes patented ingredients have been shown to activate cell signaling in the brain and body while promoting metabolic flexibility. Fast Fuel taken while in a fasted state combined with several other key nutrients taken during the feeding portion of the day, have the effect of providing: 

  • GI integrity 
  • Cellular and liver clearance (detox) 
  • Hormone balance (hormones related to food, blood sugar, thyroid and sleep cycles) 
  • Immune regulation (Systems of inflammation)


What makes the 3rd generation ‘Fast Fuel’ different?

The new formulation addresses several important factors.

  1. MCT and BHB together in the same product. We decided to combine the goMCT powder previously called ‘Brain and Body’ with our Keto-FX patented goBHB. The MCT powder together the BHB allows for a sustained spike in blood ketones (BHB) not seen with each product taken separately. The combination brings the chances of GI side effects seen with MCT oil down to near zero.
  2. Better for the brain. The latest research in animal studies shows that the powdered MCT combined with the BHB has a probability of crossing the blood brain barrier directly and at a higher rate while bypassing the need to detour through the liver for enhanced neurological benefit.
  3. More of the active ingredient while maintaining great taste. The new formulation elevates the dose of supplemental ketones to 14.2 grams, up significantly from 10.1 grams ensuring the maximum spike needed to experience nutritional ketosis and the benefits of cellular signaling.
  4. Amino Acids that support ketosis and brain function. Our ketogenic amino acid complex contains the 2 purely ketogenic amino acids as well as the amino acid tyrosine. Tyrosine is a very important precursor molecule in the production of the most abundant and important neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine and epinephrine.
  5. Make it easier to feel full and reduce cravings. Glucomannan, the important prebiotic fiber added to our 2nd generation Keto-FX is also present in this product. Glucomannan not only makes time restricted eating and intermittent fasting easier by preventing cravings and drawing water into the GI tract, but together with butyrate makes the perfect cocktail to support the microbiome allowing for gut repair, reduced inflammation and optimal bowel function.
  6. New size allows for more options: Our new 15 serving container replaces the 30 serving larger container.
    1. Smaller, more manageable containers make it easier to travel.
    2. After the initial 90 days, you can begin to reduce your use of supplemental ketones in favor of your own production. We find it can be effective to reduce your dose to ½ scoop and still benefit from 7 grams (minimum requirement for ketogenic support is 6 grams) and have the container last 30 days.
    3. Combining the BHB and MCT means you are getting 2 products in one container.

Why did the name change from Keto-FX to Fast Fuel?

Fast Fuel is a name more representative of what we have created and how it’s used. This is a fuel your body can use when you are fasting. A fuel that allows for high energy to meet the needs of your busy and active life. Fast fuel tells your brain you do not need to be hungry because there is plenty of fuel available. Fighting hunger and cravings is a losing battle. Wouldn’t it be easier to just not be hungry and at the same time stimulate your metabolism to remain in high gear?

Fast Fuel Lemon/Lime


Fast Fuel Chocolate