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Give your patients more reasons to stay, pay and refer their friends and loved ones. Become an elite top performing practice providing care on the cutting edge. Your community’s metabolic health is under assault in ways never before seen in modern history. Our metabolic reset program will give your community another reason to choose your office to solve their most pressing healthcare needs. You can increase compliance with the care you provide, add revenue and deliver undeniable results which contribute to a ‘sticky’ relationship with your patients.

After a career spent helping doctors restore metabolic health to their patients, a service that must be provided for the nervous system to function without interference, we at Cyrene labs have created a program that is a “done for you wellness system” for your practice and your patients. Long hours and low revenue is no longer acceptable.

We have taken the guess work out, reduced the time and demands placed on the doctor and staff and provide the support needed to ensure compliance and measurable success. All this, while ensuring a new profit center in your practice which delivers results, excitement and ultimately referrals. Watch your office become a place to solve the most pressing health issues of our day.

It’s time to incorporate practices that support the chiropractic care you provide and reduce the need for your patients to search elsewhere for incomplete, inferior products and services that do not get to the root causes of their health care challenges.

Partner with Cyrene labs and refer us into your practice.

We will provide:

  • Education for doctors and patients.
  • The highest quality nutraceuticals formulated by the doctors at Cyrene Labs so metabolic changes can be made with optimal efficiency.
  • Day by day instruction for your patients to follow.
  • Step by step support to address questions your patients will have, allowing you to be free to run your busy practice.
  • Cyrene labs will advise the referring doctor and patient on next best steps once initial program is complete.
  • Ongoing lifestyle choices your patients will want to continue in order to ensure continued benefit not merely temporary change.

Once the patient has completed the introductory metabolic reset, both doctor and patient will have to figure out the next best steps to take. Patients will present to your office in different stages of metabolic health or metabolic derangement.

  1. 30 day Metabolic reset is all that’s required. Some people need a 4-6 week program to reset and move forward with minimal support from nutraceuticals. Maintaining many or all of the lifestyle changes that were made during the program may be all that is required while they continue their care in your office.
  2. Complete 12 week reset. Some patients with long standing chronic health concerns will need to maintain the program for a total of 12 weeks. Much can be accomplished in 3 months to reverse various disease processes. Disease processes related to metabolic derangements such as diabetes and prediabetes, heart disease and dyslipidemia, obesity or significant weight gain, chronic diffuse pain syndromes, autoimmune challenges like SIBO, hashimotos, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
  3. A consult with one of our specialists. People are presenting to your office every day with a very complicated set of symptoms and challenges. They need the structural changes required for their nervous system to be optimized, however they may have metabolic needs that need to be addressed further and it is beyond your clinical comfort level, yet feel that a natural non-medical approach is necessary. We at Cyrene Labs are happy to consult with your patient virtually and provide our best recommendations for moving forward and optimizing the services and inventories in your office with expert guidance.

For nearly all patients, a metabolic reset for the first 30 days is the best first step to take. Maximal results possible will be experienced with our team approach. When your office teams up with Cyrene Labs, you ensure that your patients metabolic health is not ignored, and you are in the lead when it comes to restoring health for your patients. That leadership will be recognized and your community will quickly take notice.

What is the difference between a metabolic reset by Cyrene Labs, a detoxification program and a cleanse program?

  • Cleanse: “A cleanse focuses more on the digestive tract and helping remove waste product on a superficial level from the colon. A cleanse can be done simply by removing irritating or allergenic foods from the diet and eating lighter fare that helps speed up the digestive process.” A cleanse can also refer to juicing or a juice cleanse or fasting.
  • Detoxification:Detoxification (often shortened to detox and sometimes called body cleansing) is a type of treatment which aims to rid the body of unspecified “toxins” – substances that have accumulated in the body and have undesirable short-term or long-term effects on individual health. A detox typically goes beyond the digestive tract and tends to improve how substances are cleared through the liver, kidney and skin.

Cleanse and Detox are often used interchangeably.

  • Metabolic Reset by Cyrene Labs. A metabolic reset addresses the hormonal controls related to appetite, hunger, stress management, blood sugar regulation, sleep cycles and stages, muscle preservation, fat burning and more. A metabolic reset will touch on the systems that control blood pressure, blood lipids, body composition, energy production of body and brain, the ability to focus, concentrate, learn and remember. A metabolic reset will address immune responses, digestion, and support the microbiome.

What areas of health does the Cyrene Labs Metabolic Reset Program address?

I think you can see that a metabolic reset is far more encompassing and gets to the root of many of our health challenges. All the above benefits are achieved by addressing at the same time 4 main pillars of metabolic support upon which everything else rests.

  1. Gut health (repair). Digestion, microbiome, absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste.
  2. (Liver) Clearance. Providing optimal biochemical support for clearing metabolic pathways that remove toxins and metabolic waste from the interior of the cell all the way through to clearance through the liver, kidneys and skin.
  3. Hormone balance. Beginning with the hormones that impact all other hormones, those related to managing our food intake, energy storage and usage. Insulin, cortisol, ghrelin, leptin to name a few. One cannot have normal responses of any of the body’s 600 different hormones if those are not addressed first.
  4. Immune regulation: The immune system lets you know if you are under attack by toxins, infection or injury. The immune system is activated when threats are either real or perceived. A disconnect between what is a real threat and what is a perceived threat is how we develop chronic immune challenges like autoimmunity, food sensitivities, cancers and blood vessel disease to name a few.

When the above 4 pillars are weakened over time, Patients will often be diagnosed with the effects of that weakness or breakdown in function.

Common Gut diagnosis are irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, GERD, leaky gut syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcer, esophagitis.

Common disorders of detoxification or liver clearance may be diagnosed as fatty liver or NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease), heavy metal toxicity, mycotoxin or mold exposure, multiple chemical sensitivity, etc.

Common diagnosis attributed to hormonal health can be PCOS, infertility, Low T, perimenopause, osteoporosis or osteopenia, hashimotos hypothyroid, to name just a few.

Immune regulation manifest in many ways. There are the all too common effects of chronic viruses and bacteria that the immune system should be able to control like chronic Epstein-barr virus, mold exposure and lyme among others. Have you ever wondered why one person with lyme antibodies, mold toxins or Epstein-barr virus may seem perfectly fine while others are debilitated with pain, brain fog, fatigue, etc.? The answer is typically immune dysregulation, not necessarily the exposure to the food protein, bacteria, mold or virus. Other immune system disorders impact brain health and can result in diseases not typically thought of as immune system challenges such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, persistent post-concussion syndrome.

How does the Cyrene Labs Metabolic Reset Program achieve improvement in all of these categories?

Is it the nutraceutical supplements? No

Is it the diet? No

Is it the exercise instruction? No

Is it the sleep hygiene and other forms of protection against modern technology? No

The answer is the synergy in all of the above together with the chiropractic care you are providing.That is the only way. In the world of functional medicine, we typically say ‘If changes are not going to happen fast, they are not likely to happen at all’. Changes are best and most comprehensively achieved when we address problems from every direction at the same time.

Your patients will be able to walk into your office after 30 days and say “we are clearly headed in the right direction, let’s continue”. I guarantee it.

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