Real People, Real Amazing Results. In Only 28 Days!
Who is Tammy Murphy?
I learned from Tammy an entire category about health and wellness that I had never really heard of before. It's exciting to know I've finally made good decisions based on what Tammy suggested.

- Tony Horton, December 2020

Hear from Previous R3 Participants
I achieved better health and lost weight quickly. I felt good and woke up each day with awesome energy. The R3 program changed my life. My doctor asked, What have you done?? With the R3 program, I achieved better health and my weight came back into line. I ended up losing 10 pounds very quickly and I'm finally able to sleep normal again. 

- Susan D., December 2020

R3 program is much more than weight loss. It's about health. It's about real bio-chemical transformation in your body. My doctor looked at my blood test and said, Don't come back to me for another 5 years. I started to shed weight pretty rapidly and after the 28 day program, I dropped another 25 pounds which was phenomenal.

- Michael D., December 2020

I would have paid way more for R3 than I did. You can't put a price tag on it. I lost 20 pounds and went from size 14 to 10. I have so much energy. My metabolism is so efficient that I'm still losing weight. I have a clear mind and no more skin breakouts.

- Aimee, December 2020

Different with this program for me is that it gets to a fat that I couldn't get to with any other diet. This particular fat loss leans you out. I've never had anyone in my life explain to me the metrics in my blood work. The knowledge and education that I acquired from the R3 program was impactful and life-changing.

- Sheila P., December 2020

From a girl who was rocking jeggings to wearing my tight jeans... 27 pounds down from my initial R3 weight. Stomach issues eliminated and absolutely sleeping much better. I know I can maintain this way of eating and living and am thrilled to continue!!!

- Sarah P., December 2020

This chick (Tammy) knows what she's doing. Her only concern is helping people be healthy and feel good. My energy is up, my focus is better, I no longer have an afternoon slump, and my mood is much improved!

- Katie & Spencer., December 2020

5.0 Average
Mike D.

August 2020 Group

This is an excellent program and if you want good positive change in a surprisingly short period of time, sign up!

I committed to the R3 program. I adjusted my diet according to the plan, avoiding the foods outlined and adding in the recommendations like sticking to more greens and adding in avocado oil and slices with my food to get healthy fats. Additionally, I was impressed how the Fast Fuel could take the edge off a growling stomach and make me feel satiated by itself. I think one very interesting lesson was working out in fat burning mode. My instinct is always to push, believing that unless my heart is pounding outside my chest, I’m not doing enough. I rolled it back to stay in the fat burning range and was amazed how well that worked. In three weeks, I dropped 12 lbs. My fat percentage has dropped about 8%, which tells me I’m burning blubber off my body. I have good mental clarity throughout the day at work. I even noticed my energy. I took the Nac+ and InFlame X. I watched my fitbit and stayed in fat burning mode. I truly believe the program showed its anti-inflammatory capabilities. Where normally I might want to swallow 3 advils, I needed nothing. Personally, I look forward to seeing where I can take my body to next. I feel grateful to have no illnesses and be on no medications. I have found a program that works so well and is responsive to my physical and mental well-being.


August 2020 Group

I have a new way of living! I live differently when it comes to eating, sleeping, and my lifestyle to where I don’t want to go back. It has completely changed my life. 

Thank you for what you are doing. I am sleeping better and have more energy. If you're looking to increase your energy, to lose weight, feel better in your life, and sleep and eat better...if you have been looking for something to help motivate you to do that, then R3 is for you.

Peter W.

August 2020 Group

Weight loss for me is always a big deal. And during R3, I lost 16 pounds! I feel great. More energy and don’t feel like I want sleep all the time.

Thank you for the program and the help.

Katie J.

August 2020 Group

I have lost 16 pounds, 6 inches, and 4.8% body fat. My energy is up, my focus is better, I no longer have an afternoon slump, and my mood is much improved!

I'm a 4th grade teacher. I'm running all day just to try to keep up with what needs to be done and prepared. I have kept up with the meal plan, exercise, and supplements. Yay!! I continue to see wonderful results. At this point, I plan to continue with the eating and exercising and I really love seeing the positive posts in the Facebook group. 


August 2020 Group

Weight loss for me is always a big deal and during R3, I lost 16lbs. I feel great. More energy and don't feel like I want to sleep all the time.

August 2020 Group

It was an easy plan, not too much exercise, and intermittent fasting made it extremely simple. You will get results. 

The inflammation in my arm is gone and my stomach is flatter than it’s ever been. You really don’t have to do a lot of exercise to get great results. I would recommend R3. 

Sarah P.

August 2020 Group

I write this today down a total of17.6 pounds!!!! I know I can maintain this way of eating and living and am thrilled to continue!!!

It was July 11, 2020 – I was getting dressed for my ‘outdoor’ birthday celebration (don’t worry we were "Corona compliant"). I had to go to the back of my closet for my ‘big girl party dress’ to feel confident enough to celebrate me. I made a vow to myself that the next day I would stop drinking. A few weeks prior, I had committed to R3. If you’ve known me for years, you know that I’ve never been a size 2. I sat pretty anywhere from an 8 to 10. And while I worked in the fitness industry for the majority of my working years, I never had 6-pack abs. Even with every tool in my toolbox and every single fitness and nutrition resource at the tip of my fingers, I have struggled with being consistent and disciplined in previous weight loss journeys. Then, I bought my wedding dress. Let me tell you, nothing, and I mean nothing, is as sobering as finding the most perfect, ‘celebrates every curve’ dress, only to notice your belly sticking out. We took the dress to the seamstress and met with the sweetest lady who lovingly told me ‘If I gain more weight, she could ‘fix’ it, but if I lose weight, we all win’. Simple enough – heard her loud and clear. I had reached a breaking point with my weight – 197.6 at 5’ 8”. I attribute my weight gain in a big way to drinking – I adore wine and used to mix alcohol with sugary drinks. During quarantine, it seemed like we’d make it to 5 o’clock and ‘deserve wine’ for that. The pounds kept adding and I ‘porked out’ as I lovingly referred to my unhealthy weight gain. That stopped on July 12, 2020. I had a little over 2 weeks until I’d started my R3 program and used those two weeks to give up alcohol and dropped 4.4 pounds. Knowing that alcohol wasn’t part of the R3 program, I wanted to give up the hardest thing first because I knew that changing my diet would also be difficult. It was a great idea for me to ease into this lifestyle change, and something I’d highly recommend to anyone embarking on something similar. On July 29, 2020 the R3 program began. I started taking vitamins and supplements provided by Tammy & Dr. G. They provided me with support, cookbooks, a Facebook group full of 30 participants, and answered SO many of my questions about ‘can I eat this or that?’. Here’s what my days started to look like:  Get up and drink my Fast Fuel. Drink coffee around 12 (with almond milk, RIP favorite hazelnut creamer), and eat shortly after that. I was eating an egg and two bacon strips for that first meal – sometimes even adding an almond flour, keto waffle (YUM). Chicken salad with Primal Kitchen has been a fan favorite as a lunch or second meal. For dinner, I eat protein and veggies with olive oil or healthy (not Ranch) toppings. Here’s what I’ve noticed and learned over four weeks – I wasn’t eating bad foods. I was just dousing them in Ranch, Ketchup and sugary additives. I LOVE knowing that after I finish dinner, I’m done eating for the day. I used to snack on a few pieces of chocolate every night – no Bueno! For workouts, I gave Peloton a 4-week rest and did neighborhood walks EVERY SINGLE DAY. I knew that the new diet would cause ‘trauma’ to my system so I wanted to give myself a break with exercise. I lost weight anyway. Now that I’m going into phase two of this program, I will begin Peloton exercises again! Keto flu – yes, it’s real. My program started on a Wednesday and that Friday I had the worst headache I’ve ever had. When I would get hungry I would shake and on Friday night I did cry, because my fiancé wasn’t cooking the steak fast enough LOL – don’t worry – that only lasted a day or two! It’s been worth it. My shopping list is shorter and I can make multiple meals with the same foods. Cashews, peaches, blueberries/rasberries/strawberries or healthy muffins (with almond flour) are my snack. I really have not craved ANYTHING. I have not had a dessert in four weeks. The only thing I truly miss is my creamer, just because I don’t really ‘enjoy’ my coffee anymore, but I’m still on the hunt for a good almond milk creamer. Send any recommendations my way! I’ve traveled while on this diet and my friends & family have supported me every step of the way! That has helped tremendously. I even attended a bachelorette weekend on this diet – just brought and prepped my own food. I’ll admit, when the girls enjoyed a bagel with cream cheese, I was jealous LOL. I have survived off of Water, La Croix, coffee, almond milk, cashews, avocados, eggs, bacon, chicken, cucumbers, carrots, salad, steak, did I say bacon (??), and anything that resembles a carb but is made with almond flour. I woke up today and weighed in at 180.0 – PRAISE THE LORD. I have not seen those numbers in years. My goal weight is 160. I haven’t weighed 160 since 2014, right after college graduation before the real world hit, so I’m determined to continue this lifestyle change and see my goal weight and learn to maintain 160 vs 197.6.